Retirement Services - TrueNorth Retirement Services
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Retirement Services


What to consider when choosing a retirement service?

An employer and business are stronger when retirement is a key offering within the compensation and benefits package. Consider your ability to recruit valuable talent, retain great employees and even reduce your business’s tax burden. These are just some of the reasons a retirement plan offering can be advantageous for your business.

Retirement Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

Proximity really does matter. At TrueNorth Retirement Services, we pay attention to ensure we are available and accessible to our clients. With a headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah we are positioned very well to service businesses and business owners in the Salt Lake County area and Utah in general looking to begin or improve your retirement services package.

What will be the first steps taken to help me?

  • An assessment to understand your business and retirement services objectives
  • Gather important figures like number of employees, annual revenue etc.
  • Understand the type of employees your business has (age, lifestyle etc.)

At TrueNorth Retirement Services of Salt Lake City, Utah our entire focus can be divided into 3 guiding objectives: (1) Simplify administration, (2) Optimize participant portfolios and (3) Protect you and your participants from unnecessary risks.

Select one of the retirement plan categories below to learn more about our particular retirement services.

Defined Contribution Plans

The most common type of retirement plan is a defined contribution. Often when people think of retirement the term that first comes to mind is ``401(k).``

Details about defined contribution plans.

Defined Benefit Plans

A fixed and predetermined benefit at retirement a defined benefit plan is often one employees will value and trust.

Details about defined benefit plans.

Cash Balance Plans

For a unique retirement service blending some of the draws of both the defined contribution and defined benefit plan you may want to consider a cash balance retirement plan for your business.

Details about cash balance plans.

Tax-Exempt Plans

For tax-exempt organizations and entities a retirement service can be customized specific to your need and that of your employers.

Details about tax-exempt plans.